Gary Jacobstein: Architect of Narratives and Life

Gary Jacobstein is more than just a seasoned resume and creative writer; he's a connoisseur of life's intricate tales and details. Born amidst the snow-draped streets of Buffalo, NY, and later immersing himself in the southern charm of Arkansas, Gary's journey has been nothing short of diverse. A proud alumnus of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, he laid the foundation for his writing career, intertwining academic rigor with the artistry of words.

During his time in Arkansas, Gary often found himself being the go-to person for friends and peers seeking help in articulating their career aspirations on paper. Recognizing the disparity between one's skills and their portrayal on a resume, Gary embarked on a mission: to craft resumes that truly mirrored the individual's prowess and potential. This endeavor soon became a full-fledged passion, and before he knew it, Gary had established himself as a prominent resume writer, bridging the gap between ambition and presentation.

His love story, however, began in Connecticut. It was there that he met Eleanor, an art historian with a penchant for Renaissance paintings. Together, they purchased a majestic Victorian-era house in Hartford, complete with ornate woodwork, stained glass windows, and a story of its own. Their home often plays muse to Gary's tales, adding layers of history and charm to his narratives.

Gary's infatuation with architecture, especially the timeless designs of Frank Lloyd Wright, isn’t just restricted to the written word. Alongside Eleanor, he spends weekends exploring historic sites and properties, dreaming up stories that the walls might tell if they could speak.

Outside of writing, Gary's world is full of hobbies that are as varied as his stories. An avid sailor, he often ventures into the waters of the Long Island Sound, seeking solace in the rhythmic waves and the whispering winds. The couple also hosts monthly book and wine clubs, where discussions range from literature to the nuances of a well-aged Bordeaux.

In the quieter moments, Gary can be found in his study, surrounded by an extensive collection of vintage pens and watches. Eleanor jokes that each pen has a story of its own, and each watch marks a chapter of their lives together.

Gary Jacobstein's life is a testament to the beauty of stories, both lived and written. From the streets of Buffalo to a grand home in Hartford, from college days in Arkansas to sailing adventures on the coast, his journey is an ever-evolving narrative, beautifully penned and passionately lived.