Effective date: December 15, 2022

In accordance with the Terms of Service, you may reference the Content with proper attribution to Prune. Attribution gives everyone in the community the opportunity to correct errors and keep the Content up to date. Our recommended attribution guidelines are described below.

  • Attribution must clearly state that the Content is sourced from Prune and link to the webpage of the source material on the Prune website.
  • Attribution should be clearly visible to the end user and placed in close proximity to the data being referenced from Prune.
  • When you are using Content from a specific entity from Prune (e.g. a person or company) you should link to the associated entity page on Prune.
  • When you are referencing Content from multiple Prune entities you should link to the Prune homepage (

If you have any questions concerning attribution, feel free to contact us by e-mailing