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We can help you to tailor your resume to get past the Robots and Recruiters that act as Interview Gatekeepers.


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Prune improves your chances of getting an interview by building resumes that defeat human and machine bias.

Companies train robots and recruiters to on specific lexicon and data in a Resume. We can help you to tailor your resume for a Lexicon the Gatekeepers understand.

Resume Alignment

Optimize Your Resume for the AI Gatekeepers.

Companies use fancy AI to train their robots on specific keywords and patterns. We can help you to build resumes the machines understand.

Skip the complex forms. We're as simple as copy-paste.

Most resume optimization systems require you build each job and resume using complex forms. We can extract the resume and job posting for you, saving you up to 4 hours a day, increasing the number of job opportunities you can apply to in a targeted fashion.

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Resume Alignment

Align your Resume using 1000s of points of feedback.

Humans and Machines are biased. From spelling errors, to ethnic names, to geographic location, and your alma-mater - Humans and Machines are trained to filter out resumes using pre-determined criteria. We can help.



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Build a resume that sidesteps Recruiters and Inexperienced Hiring Managers.

Companies instruct recruiters, receptionists and hiring managers to find resumes that match a specific job requisition. Candidates have 15 seconds to present a resume that resonates with human biases. Prune builds resumes that resonate with the People filtering through resumes.

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